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  The EndoCube, invented and manufactured in the UK by British Engineers,
sold World Wide
  Energy Saving in Commercial Refrigeration

Low energy commercial refrigeration is something which is recognised as being an important aspect of reducing the CO² output around the world.

Refrigeration represents a surprisingly large proportion of worldwide electricity consumption. Food production all over the planet uses refrigeration technology which works in much the same way.

EndoCube: A simple solution for reducing the energy consumption of commercial refrigeration.

There are two principle obstacles standing in the way of improved efficiency in the commercial refrigeration industry, money and time.


Refrigeration units aren't cheap, whether you are talking about refrigerated displays or large meat lockers, the cost of replacing one of these units for more modern, more efficient model can be incredible, and the savings made in reduced electricity consumption pale in comparison.

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Refrigeration Monitoring for Tesco PLC
Celsius Systems UK Ltd is pleased to supply Tesco at their Holešov Store in the Czech Republic; this is the first Tesco store fitted extensively with the EndoCube to all refrigeration units operating from a pack system. Celsius Systems advised on site with the Project Manager and engineers to ensure the installation ran smoothly.
Refrigeration Monitoring for Morrisons
WM Morrison Supermarkets plc source the energy saving EndoCube from Celsius Systems UK Ltd in their energy saving drive.
Refrigeration Monitoring for BaxterStorey

BaxterStorey commission Celsius Systems UK Ltd to install the energy saving EndoCube at their sites at the UK Department Business, Innovations and Skills (BIS) and 151 Buckingham Palace Road Government Site. Both sites have had the Kooltrak refrigeration data monitoring system since 2008

Refrigeration Monitoring for Compass Group   Refrigeration Monitoring for Prudential PLC

Compass/Prudential plc commission Celsius Systems UK Ltd install the Kooltrak refrigeration data monitoring and the EndoCube at Governors House, London

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The EndoCube, invented and manufactured in the UK by British Engineers, sold World Wide
For further information please e-mail: Call us on 0845 527 8161
London Office: 0208 981 5099


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